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Open today: St Peter's Library Closed / The Murray Library Closed

Computer availability

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Level of PCs available -     high       medium       low       full       closed       total

* These locations are available for use during the hours stated unless booked for a class.

Note: Whilst we try to ensure that this information is correct, during busy periods the number of available PCs may change quickly and may be affected by technical issues.


The Murray library

Location Opening hours for today Status Free Total
Lower level - Chester Road Closed Closed - -
Lower level - Garden Closed Closed - -
Main level - Cafe Closed Closed - -
Main level - InfoBar Closed Closed - -
Main level - Main Cluster Closed Closed - -
Main level - Quiet Zone Closed Closed - -
Upper level Closed Closed - -
Upper level - Design suite Closed Closed - -

View The Murray Library computer availability map


St. Peter's library

Location Opening hours for today Status Free Total
Level 0 Closed Closed - -
Level 1 - Main entrance Closed Closed - -
Level 1 - Suite 1 Closed Closed - -
Level 1 - Suite 2 Closed Closed - -

View The St. Peter's Library computer availability map

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