Reserving resources

You can reserve items to collect from separate reservation shelves at the Library of your choice. If all copies of a title you need are currently out on loan, you can join a queue to borrow a copy when one is returned. You can reserve up to five items at a time.

When Library staff are on-campus, they will process the reservation requests. The availability of a title, the collection site you choose, and the availability of staff on-campusl all affect how long your reservation request takes to complete.

You will receive a notification e-mail to your University e-mail address when your reservations are ready to collect. You can choose to collect your reservations from The Murray Library on City Campus or St. Peter's Library at Sir Tom Cowie Campus, which will be noted on the notification e-mail.

How to place a reservation

  1. Find the item you need on using 'Library Search' on our homepage and selecting the 'Books and eBooks' radio button
  2. If the item is out on loan click on 'Reserve this item' and log in using your University user ID and password
  3. Select the building you want to collect your reservation from and click on the 'Reserve' button.

Things to remember

Reservation requests apply to all copies of a title (ensuring we can complete your request using any available copy or with the first copy returned if all copies are on loan). Once a reservation has been added to a title, the loan period will reduce to 7 days.

If you collect the item you have reserved before we have processed your request, please cancel your reservation request before issuing the item to your account.

Staff and students based at our Sunderland Campus are not permitted to reserve items at - nor specify the collection site as - London Campus.

If the item you need is on loan, there may be an e-copy available that you can access immediately. Library staff are always happy to discuss your needs with you.

Please only place a reservation on an item if you are able to collect it. If you no longer need an item please cancel the reservation so we can make the item available to the next person in the queue.

When your reservation is ready for you to collect we will send a notification to your University email account, this will normally be the next working day. The item will be placed on the reservation shelves at your chosen collection site. Please collect and issue the item using a self-issue machine and your University campus or staff card. We hold items for you for 7 days from the date of the notification. After this time we will make the item available to the next person in the queue. Search for books using Library Search or log into your library account.

Page reviewed: January 2021