Using your reading and referencing

These videos and guides will help you learn how to use your reading and give you a basic introduction to referencing.

Please note this is initial, entry-level referencing help. For more about referencing, you may want to book an appointment with one of our Study Skills Advisors.

'Reading for Assignment Success' tutorial - Our Study Skills team have developed this reading skills tutorial to teach you some strategies that will help you decide what to read and how to read as a University student.

'Cite Them Right' tutorial - We subscribe to an online guide called Cite Them Right, which teaches you how to reference and why it is important. This short tutorial (created by the authors) explores the principles behind referencing and how to acknowledge the information sources that you use. It is made up of 11 short, self-contained topics, which you can explore and revisit at any time.

Page reviewed: September 2020