Apply for access to the Library and e-resources

You can request a University user ID and password which will give you access to e-resources (where licenses allow) to help your teaching and support of students on University of Sunderland programmes.

How to apply for access to e-resources

To begin your application you should contact the appropriate faculty representative below. They will provide you with an application form. Your faculty will authorise and process your request. If you are eligible we will contact you with information about how to begin using our e-resources

We provide access where to e-resources licences allow, though we cannot guarantee that you have access to all the resources that your students do. 

Local partners

Subject/Faculty University contact
Faculty of Arts and Creative industries
Computing (Faculty of Technology)
Engineering (Faculty of Technoogy) 
UG Psychology (Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellbeing)
Sport (Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellbeing)
Faculty of Education and Society)

Transnational partners

Subject/Faculty University contact
Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism programmes 
Faculty of Technology programmes 
Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing programmes 
Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries programmes 
Faculty of Education and Society programmes 

Visiting the Library and borrowing books 

If you are a partner tutor who has requested an IT account but are based in the northeast region and would like to visit and use the physical library and borrow books you will need to report to the Library help desk with some ID, preferably your College ID. Library staff will create your Library account and give you a swipe card.

If you are visiting Murray Library, please press the button at the Library Gates to alert a member of staff who will let you in. If you are visiting St. Peter's Library you can ring 0191 515 3306


Page reviewed: October 2021