Critical thinking

These resources are designed to help you understand how critical thinking is applied at university. You will learn how to analyse ideas, evaluate arguments, and draw your own conclusions.

How to write critically

'More analysis needs', 'too descriptive' 'less description, more critique'. You will find this guide helpful if you've ever had this kind of feedback on your assignments.

Critical reading skills

Do you understand the difference between being a passive and a critical reader? Learn how critical reading can help your academic writing.

A short guide to critical thinking

A short video on critical thinking, what it means at University and how to do it. Plymouth Critical Thinking Model adapted from Learn Higher Creative Commons Resources  

Critical thinking and your employability

Critical thinking skills are invaluable in helping you to make decisions about your career choice after university, find suitable job opportunities, and establish your graduate career.

Recommended reading

We've made a list of some books about critical thinking that you can find on our library catalogue.


Links to additional resources 

Critical thinking study guide

A study guide from Plymouth University that considers critical thinking and how to develop an argument based on analysis and evaluation.

Model to generate critical thinking

This critical thinking model from Plymouth University will help you to generate critical questions.