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Time management and note-taking

How do you make the most of your time? It can be a challenge at busy times to balance coursework to finish, exams to revise for, and a life outside of studying! Having a technique for note-taking is one way of helping you study more effectively. Below you will find some guidance and information on time management and note-taking styles.

Time management for students

There are many demands on your time. This guide provides some practical advice on managing your time. 

How well do I manage my time

Use this checklist to see how well you manage your time and where you could make improvements.

Effective note taking

Some tips for taking more interesting and analytical notes.

Managing time and employability

You'll need to manage your time effectively in your graduate job and may need to give examples of how you prioritise time in applications and interviews.

Improve your reading and employability

Note-taking can help you when you are preparing for job applications.  Here you'll find an example of an annotated job description.

Recommended reading

We've made a list of some books about managing your time that you can find on our library catalogue.

Links to additional resources

The Cornell Notes Method

The Cornell Method is an effective method of note taking which encourages critical thinking and reflection on your learning. This is a YouTube video from an external site. We recommend starting from 3mins 41secs.

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