Returning marked work to the library

Assignments may be returned to us for students to collect.

Services may differ due to COVID-19. Please see our FAQs for more information.

Delivery to the library

You will need to deliver work to us in person, as you will need to complete and sign a short form. For large cohorts you may wish to arrange delivery by placing a request with the Facilities Porters service.

Turnaround time

There are several administrative tasks required to preserve the security of marked work and so we aim to have assignments ready for student collection within 24 hours of its return to the library. At peak times it may be necessary to extend this to 48 hours. Assignments are not processed during weekends, Bank Holidays, or University closure days.

Marked assignments are made available for a minimum of 4  weeks. Uncollected assignments will be disposed of using a secure and environmentally sound service.

Assignments Ready to Collect blog

Please be aware of the 24 hour time delay when informing students work has been returned to the library. You can also recommend that students check the Assignments Ready to Collect blog, where we will inform students of all the modules where work is available for collection.

External moderation

Where assignments from your module have been retained for external moderation please provide a list of those students affected so we can advise them correctly.