Copyright and Digitization

University Library Services have produced a copyright guide to signpost information which will assist academic colleagues with the lawful use of copyrighted library resources at the University of Sunderland. Copyright is a complex subject and the information contained in the guide is for general information only.

The guide covers a basic explanation of copyright law, what it is, who it applies to and how long it lasts.  It provides an overview of how copyright licences work in an educational setting and provides details of the licences we hold here at the University of Sunderland and what those licences allow us do in terms of reusing copyrighted materials. Read our copyright guide for academic staff

University Library Services offer a reading list digitized extract service under the terms of the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education Licence. The Digitization guide highlights the benefits that including digitized extracts on Library Reading Lists can offer and explains how to make digitization requests.