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Dissertation support

When you are starting your final year project or dissertation you will need a range of skills to help you succeed. We have gathered a range of resources here for you.


pdf document by Chris Dawson from Noun Project 

Critical reading skills

Learn what is involved in thinking critically.
pdf document by Chris Dawson from Noun Project 

How to write critically

Understand the difference between analytical or critical writing and descriptive writing. 
pdf document by Chris Dawson from Noun Project

Critical thinking study guide

A study guide from Plymouth University which considers critical thinking and how to develop an argument based on analysis and evaluation.


Find information for your dissertation

We've collated some links that will be useful for dissertations. 

Video link

Avoiding plagiarism

Understand plagiarism and how to avoid it.


Evaluating information

With so much information available, how do you decide what to use and what is not appropriate? You can use these quetsions to help you critically evaluate the information you find.


 How well do I manage my time? - checklist


Get more out of Google - tips and tricks

An infographic from HackCollege.com that will help you successfully search Google and refine your searches. 

Recommended reading

We've made a list of some books about finding and evaluating information that you can find on our LibraryCatalogue.





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