Book a study room

There are study rooms at both The Murray Library and St. Peter's Library which can be booked by our students for an hour at a time, up to four hours a week. These rooms can be used for individual or small group study, meetings, presentations, interviews, and discussions.

View availability for all rooms on the room booking website.

The Murray Library

There are five study rooms at The Murray Library. In each room, there is equipment such as a wall-mounted screen or projector.

St. Peter's Library

There is one study room at St. Peter's Library. In this room, there is a wall-mounted screen.

Please note: These study rooms are for student use and should not be booked by staff. If you are a member of staff and wish to book a meeting room or other non-academic room, please contact Central Bookings or the Estates & Facilities Helpdesk. All bookings for academic purposes should be directed to the central timetabling team.


Page reviewed: September 2021