Filming in our buildings

Members of the University are welcome to film in our buildings.

Filming may be required for the completion of a student assignment or for University publicity purposes. If you wish to film in our buildings, we ask that you inform us beforehand. We need you to let us know the details of the filming to take place, including dates, times, equipment, names of the students participating, and the risk assessments you have undertaken for the activity you wish to carry out.

Please consider that we have to look after the experience of other students. We ask that anyone filming be respectful and let others know if there is a chance they will be captured on film. Please remember that our buildings are academic environments and we wish to maintain an environment conducive to study. Some levels/areas of our buildings are designated as silent or quiet study, so we ask that you notify us if you plan to film in these areas. We can then advise you of the best times to film in order to minimise any potential disruption to other students.

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