Finding and evaluating information

These resources will help you search for, evaluate, manage, and keep up-to-date with information for use in your academic work. Watch our suite of nine video guides "Finding and using University online library resources for your assignment":

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Interpret your reading list

A guide to help you tell the difference between sources.

Searching for journal articles

This guide to searching for journal articles using keywords is available as a PDF and as a YouTube video. The transcript of the video is provided in the description box on the YouTube page. To watch a video click here.

Find journal titles

Learn how to search for a specific journal title or locate a specific article when you have full bibliographic details.

Academic sources of information

What is an advanced search? Explore strategies for finding a manageable number of good quality relevant search results.Tips 

Tips and tricks for advanced searches

Search for and access ebooks

This guide to searching for ebooks is available as a PDF or as a YouTube video. It also highlights useful features of ebooks including searching for keywords within the text and adding virtual notes. The transcript of the video is provided in the dscription box on the YouTube page. To watch a video click here.

Evaluating information

With so much information available, how do you decide what to use and what is not appropriate? You can use these questions to help you critically evaluate the information you find.

Tips for logging into e-resources off campus

Advice on how to login directly to databases, or how to login when the full text doesn't seem available. This link takes you to the Library Blog.

Current awareness and saving a search that works

Learn to set up alerts to receive emails when new issues of journals of interest to you are published. This link takes you to the Library Blog.

Recommended reading

We've made a list of some books about finding and evaluating information that you can find on our library catalogue.


Links to additional resources

Get more out of Google - tips and tricks

An infographic from that will help you successfuly search Google and refine your searches. These tips can also be used on Google Scholar.