Our quality promises

Our key motivation is to help you and ensure you get the most out of library services and we are committed to working with you to ensure the best experience during your time at the University.

  • Communication - You will always be aware of service developments that may affect you.
  • Customer care - You will meet approachable, knowledgeable, caring staff every time you talk to us. We will always treat you as an individual and where possible will deliver support and services to meet your specific needs.
  • Customer support - You will have help and support to enable you to use library resources to best effect.
  • Equity - We will strive to deliver an equal library service no matter where you are or when or how you reach us.
  • Feedback - We will always consider your comments and suggestions and respond to you. We will take action and develop services where appropriate.
  • Resources - You will have access to appropriate resources when you need them.
  • Spaces and environments - Library spaces and virtual learning environments will be responsive to your learning needs.
  • Study skills - You will have the opportunity to develop information literacy skills to use library services to your best advantage, which will support your academic progress and your future development.


Updated: August 2021