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Complete Anatomy works in an app on your devices*

You can download it for many devices, once you have downloaded and signed in sucessfully on one device you will be able to sign in on your other devices too. Follow the instructions below to get started.


iPhone from The App Store

iPad  from The App Store

Mac from The Mac App Store

Android devices from  Google Play

PC/Laptop and other windows devices from Windows app store *


Get Started and complete the “sign up for free” process using your or or email address


Open Settings, My Account and enter your University Redeem Code XQIX06H4B5RZ


Start using Complete Anatomy! Your License is automatically activated.

For Technical Support, please contact 3D4Medical at

*Please note: The app is downloadable straight away on your own devices. Anyone with a University device will need to go through University IT as the Windows App store is blocked. If you have any issues downloading on your own device please contact the 3D4Medical Technical Support email above.