Lost library items

When an item is not returned or renewed and subsequently is overdue for an extended period of time, a bill will be automatically generated for the replacement cost.

If you think you have lost a library item, or that you have returned an item but it is still on your library account, please let us know as soon as possible. Please recheck your home and office. Library staff will also check the shelves for the item.

Billing for the replacement cost

If the item cannot be found in our library spaces, we will send you a bill for the replacement cost. If you find the item after you have paid the bill we may be able to refund the amount back to you if it is within 3 months of you paying the bill and you are still studying at the University.

Buying your own replacement item

If you have been billed for a print resource, you can choose to buy a replacement item instead of paying the replacement cost. Replacement items should be the same title, from the same publisher, the same or a more recent edition, and in new or as-new condition. If you wish to buy a replacement item, you must discuss this with Library staff before purchasing to ensure it is the correct title and is in a suitable condition.

We reserve the right to refuse a replacement item if you have not discussed it with us first or the item is not as agreed.

Clearing your account

We will clear your library account when you have paid the bill or provided a replacement item.

Please be aware that billed items are regarded as library debts, and any unpaid bills may be passed to the University Finance Department and dealt with by the University’s debt recovery procedure.

Please contact us at Library Talk if you have any questions about our billing procedure.


Page reviewed: December 2022