Reserving items

You can reserve items to collect from separate reservation shelves at the building of your choice. If all copies of a title you need are currently out on loan, you can join a queue to borrow a copy when one is returned. You can reserve up to five items at a time.

When Library staff are on campus, we will process the reservation requests. The availability of a title, the pickup location you choose, and the availability of staff on campus all affect how long your reservation request takes to complete.

You will receive a notification e-mail to your University e-mail address when your reservations are ready to collect. You can choose to collect your reservations from St. Peter's Library, Library@Murray, and Library@DavidGoldman.

How to place a reservation

  1. Find the item you need by using Library Search.
  2. Click on the item you would like to reserve (to see options to place a reservation, make sure to sign in to your account).
  3. Under the Get It section, click 'Request'.
  4. Choose a pickup location then send your request.

Things to remember

  • Staff and students based at our Sunderland Campus are not permitted to reserve items at, nor specify the pickup location as, London Campus.
  • Reservation requests apply to all copies of a title, ensuring we can complete your request using any available copy or with the first copy returned if all copies are on loan.
  • If all copies of the title you need are on loan, there may be an e-copy available that you can access immediately.
  • Once a reservation has been added to a title, the loan period for available copies will reduce to 7 days.
  • If you collect the item you have reserved before we have processed your request, please cancel your reservation request before issuing the item to your account.
  • If you no longer need an item please cancel the reservation so we can make the item available to the next person in the queue.
  • When your reservation is ready for you to collect from your chosen pickup location, we will send a notification to your University email address.
  • We hold items for you for 7 days from the date of the notification; after this time we will make the item available to the next person in the queue.
  • Please collect and issue the item using a self-issue unit and your University campus or staff card.


Page reviewed: December 2022