Reading and referencing

Reading is a key part of how you will learn at university. It is one of the main ways you will gain knowledge and understanding to successfully complete your academic work.

Reading skills tutorial

Graphic image saying University of Sunderland reading for assignment success.

Our Study Skills team have developed a reading skills tutorial to teach you some strategies that will help you decide what to read and how to read as a University student.

  • Explain the difference between reading as an interest and reading as a student.
  • Identify critical questions that can be used when reading.
  • Identify and find appropriate sources to develop understanding of a topic.

Referencing your reading

Graphic image saying Cite Them Right

It is important to reference your reading. We subscribe to an online guide called Cite Them Right at This guide will teach you the principles of referencing, how to avoid plagiarism, and support you in creating accurate references. This short tutorial can help you get started.

  • Explore the principles behind referencing and how to acknowledge the information sources that you use.
  • Short, self-contained topics, which you can explore and revisit at any time.