Supporting your students

We work with you to develop and deliver the skills students need to succeed at University and beyond.

Tailored skills for learning sessions

We aim to see all new students for a welcome session to introduce our services and support. Your Academic Liaison Librarian works with you to tailor skills sessions, workshops, and lectures to your specific module needs.

These sessions include:

  • understanding different sources of information.
  • how to find information using library resources and beyond.
  • evaluating and selecting the best information for academic assignments.
  • how to use specialist subject resources and databases.

Please complete the study skills request form for staff.

One-to-one support

Students can make appointments with us to support individual research, such as dissertations or projects. We also offer support for study skills and numeracy, whenever your students need a little extra help.

See more about the study skills support we offer directly to students.

Study skills drop-in sessions and workshops

Study skills events take place each semester; student and staff feedback inform their development. These events are in addition to normal subject provision delivered by your Academic Liaison Librarian.

When to Refer

Common areas where students may have issues or questions.


Page reviewed: September 2020