Local partner college students

Welcome to your University Library. We provide the higher level reading resources you need to succeed as a University student studying at a Local Partner College.

Because higher level reading is at the heart of your learning, the University library is different to other libraries you may have used before. We have resources tailored to your programme of study which will enable you to read widely and use a range of resources including books, eBooks, journals and more. 

Watch the Library Welcome video:

Study Skills Guides

There is a range of Study Skills Guides that can help you to develop your academic skills. A great tutorial to start with is Reading for Assignment Success where you can reflect on what it means to read at University and learn some methods of reading effectively.

We have lots of helpful video guides to get you started. You can watch them online at our YouTube channel

We also have other ways to find things out and keep in touch. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook: @uniofsunlib