Conditions of use

We pay for access to a range of electronic resource subscriptions to support your studies, which means you need to log in using your University user ID and password to access them.

Electronic resources (e-resources) are protected by copyright law just like printed resources. Use of these resources is subject to the terms of a licence agreed between us and the publisher.

Publishers' licences require certain conditions of use. All of them prohibit systematic or substantial printing, copying or downloading of content e.g. whole journal issues or whole books.

It is acceptable to:

  • Search, view, retrieve, and display content for individual, non-commercial, educational and research purposes
  • Save or print a limited amount of content e.g. one journal article, a chapter of a book

It is not acceptable to:

  • Distribute or provide access to content to anyone outside the University of Sunderland
  • Post content to the Web, whether privately or publicly
  • Modify or alter the content of licensed resources in any way